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Singing has been my constant companion since I was 13 year’s old.

I was trained in classical music, later I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston MA.


With Urs Wiesendanger, wonderful producer, musician and composer and many  unique musicians, I have created a musical diary through all this year’s !

Thank you all!

Urs und Chris Wiesendanger, Bertrand Denzler, Dany Duke, Pascal Senn, Bernhard Schoch,

Uli Heinzler, Gino Todesco, Tommy Geiger, Philipp Schweidler, Elliot Jones, Dan Sutter

Chris Muzik, Dani Pauli, Berney Harris, Daniel Küfer, Thierry Condor, Claudio Cervino,

Bruno Armatruda


Singing is a place of freedom for me and today I pass on my knowledge and skills.


I give voice lesson’s or accompany you in studio recording’s.

If you need help creating a song melody and harmonies,

you are in the right place with me.


I’m currently working on my new album.


I work in the studio, on stage for myself and other musicians in the field of,

Jazz, Gospel,Blues,R&B und World Music.



My Discographie


1989   Break Away / Vinyl          produced & recorded by Urs Wiesendanger

                                                  lyric's and vocals Sabina Stokes

1992   Think of you                    produced & recordet by Urs Wiesendanger

                                                  executive producing Peter B. Ruskin, Sabina Stokes

                                                  lyric’s and vocals Sabina Stokes

2001   Sabina Stokes 3              produced & recordet by Urs Wiesendanger

                                                  executive producing, lyric’s and vocals Sabina Stokes

2011   The way I am                   produced & recordet by Urs Wiesendanger

                                                  executive producing, lyric’s and vocals Sabina Stokes

2021   Listen                              produced & recordet by Urs Wiesendanger

                                                  written & composed, lyric's and vocals Sabina Stokes


I worked for and with


Urs Wiesendanger, Patrick B.Celine Dion im Chor in Zürich Letzigrund, Winchester, Larz

Sandra Oladjide, Greg Manning, Patricia Camen, Nubya, Leme, DJ Bobo, Bo Katzmann,

Reto von Salis, Giuseppe Callabro, Peter B. Ruskin, Paul Jakob PJ Project, Jan Roullier

Ricardo Sanz, Amanda, Chris Li, Musical Storm, Greg Galli

Golden Verses Singers (Sani Lien, Freddie Carnell, Peter Werder, Andi Pubato )

LeRome Swiss, Sergio Fertitta, Michee, Marco Santilli Rossi,

Thierry Condor, Dhenibe, Johnny Inniguez.

"Das Leben hat mich singen gelernt
und singen hat mich Leben gelernt."
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